Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tough job market? Can you start a Web business?

If you've just received your degree and still can't find a job, maybe you should look into starting your own online business. I know it's confusing and you're broke, but you don't need much — if any — money to start a blog, as one example of how people are profiting from the Internet these days.

And you can keep your options open, starting up your blog while continuing to look for a regular job.

In 2009, it was estimated there were about 20 million blogs. Out of that total, about 452,000 Americans made a living mostly or entirely from blogging. The Wall Street Journal called blogging "America's newest profession." <link>

Although many bloggers are opinionated and uninformed, there are also many who are experts in their subjects and respected for their writing. All it might take is to be entertaining.

A Google search will lead to thousands of links, many free, on how to start a blog and make it profitable. Here's just one. The vast majority of new blogs close down within a year for many reasons, and most make little or no money. While you're hunting for that perfect job, however, this might be the best time to look into being one of those 452,000 who succeed.

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